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At Rosecroft Health and Safety it is important to us that we support and give back to our local communities.

We currently support local foodbanks. We donate one non perishable item for every person and each day they attend one our our First Aid or Health and Safety* courses. This is a food, toiletries or other essential item.

Foodbanks provide an essential service. They give nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people in crisis. Many are part of a nationwide network of foodbanks, supported by The Trussell Trust, who work to combat poverty and hunger across the UK.

About food poverty

Food poverty is a growing problem, which is likely to get worse in the current climate where many have been made or are facing unemployment. In 2018-19, The Trussell Trust, the largest UK food bank network, provided 1.6 million packages of emergency food supplies. In 2009 they supplied 41,000 packages.

An estimated 8.4 million people in the UK struggle to get enough to eat. This includes many households with people in work, families with children, as well as older, disabled and BAME people (Sustain – the alliance for better food and farming)

Food poverty, or household food insecurity, can be triggered by a crisis in finance or personal circumstances, but may also be a long-term experience of not being able to access or have the facilities to prepare a healthy diet.

Food poverty, or household food insecurity, has many faces. It can affect children who lack free school meals during the holidays; parents on low incomes going without food so that their children can eat; working people whose low wages leave them struggling to buy nutritious food; people with no recourse to public funds, or older people unable to prepare meals without support.

At Rosecroft Health and Safety we want to actively help families experiencing food poverty

* Does not apply to online courses.

If you need to organise first aid health and safety training for yourself, company or group or want to find out more then get in touch today. We’re happy to discuss your needs and answer your questions.

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