First Aid, COVID and your business

First Aid, COVID and your business. We’re well into life with COVID and businesses have had a lot on their plates, adapting to new ways of working and fighting for survival. The very big companies have whole departments and posts dedicated to health and safety. In smaller companies health and

Choking in the Under-5s

Choking in the under-5s is more common than many of us realise. Each day around 40 under-5s are rushed to hospital after choking on something or swallowing something dangerous (The Child Accident Prevention Trust). Would you recognise the signs of choking or know what to do to help? My child

Training epipens arrived!

Training Epipens arrived at Rosecroft Health and Safety today for our new accredited and certificated First Aid courses starting in January 2021! Go to to contact us! More information coming soon EpiPen is the brand name of an auto-injectable device that delivers the drug epinephrine, there are other brands

Construction site Visitor CSCS cards expire

Construction Site Visitor CSCS Cards expire for all

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WHY is health and safety important? Health and safety at work is often presented as facts and figures. It’s very easy to look at these and think “isn’t going to happen to us”. But what if you or your business were one of these facts and figures? What does that

How to COVID-19 risk assess your business

How to COVID-19 risk assess your business is a key question right now. All businesses need to do it. Businesses with more than five employees must write it down. Businesses with more than 50 employees are expected to publish it online. What help is available for businesses and what is

Returning to business with COVID-19

Returning to business with COVID-19 requires planning and plan you must. If any of your workers are diagnosed with COVID-19 and there is reasonable evidence that the virus was contracted at work, there is a legal requirement for employers to report this under RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous

Managing COVID-19 in the workplace

Managing Covid-19 in the workplace – it seems like it’s never too late to join this party to help quash the rumours! I heard from a business associate that someone had come into their workplace and said they should be only using bottled water or boiling all water before use.


Week two of 52 ways to die at work – Covid-19. Know the facts and alternative working options Inform yourself with a free course on COVID-19 developed by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and use guidance from your industry’s professional organisations. Home working options suggested by Blue Circle

Incompetence can kill

Incompetence can kill is week one of our 52 ways to die at work series. Ok, so there is a bit of shameless letting agent bashing going on here, but it made us feel better! Sometimes people are totally unaware of their duties under health and safety law. Some think