Health and Safety HIT

The Health and Safety HIT helps your business to get on top of health and safety in practice.

Have you or your staff ever used a fire extinguisher? What about practicing some first aid… and when was that last practice fire evacuation? Rosecroft Health and Safety comes in and gets it done in one HIT!

Small businesses often can’t release all their staff at the same time. Health and Safety HIT is a structured day, or half a day with drop in training. Yes, a practice evacuation involves everyone, but other than that our short training sessions enable staff to drop in to training relevant to them.

Fire extinguishers

How many of your staff have used a fire extinguisher? They see them in the building and hopefully a fire is unlikely. Yes, people should be evacuating and not staying to tackle fires. But if a fire extinguisher was needed to give people a better chance of escaping, would anyone in your workplace be able or confident enough to do this?

Heath and Safety HIT - training for your business
Practice using a fire extinguisher. When was your last workplace evacuation practice?

First aid

There’s usually at least one first aid kit in every workplace. Who is responsible for this? Does anyone know what’s in it? The items in it go out of date has anyone opened it and checked this? Does your staff know what to do in the event of injury? We give your staff an opportunity to practice CPR, use an epipen and defibrillator.

Training you don’t use

Training is usually something we do to learn new skills which we put into practice. We attend to keep up to date with and improve our professional skills. This isn’t the case with much Health and Safety training. It is hoped that the learned skills are not required to be put into practice. This makes training even more important as this is the only opportunity to practice.


It’s a legal requirement for businesses to consult with their staff on health and safety. If your business want to use the time as health and safety consultation for staff, Rosecroft Heath and Safety incorporates this. We can speak to your staff about health and safety and write a report with their feedback and suggested actions.

Other Health and Safety the time could include

If you want us to take a look through your policies, talk employees through using Display Screen Equipment (DSE assessments) safely we could include that. Other areas commonly asked about are manual handling, using equipment and working at height. The idea is to make this time relevant to your workplace.

Get in touch

If Heath and Safety HIT is something you think your business needs or if you want to discuss your business’s health and safety, Rosecroft Heath and Safety is happy to help. Get in touch to discuss or find out what we can do for your business.

Knowing their employer cares about their safety in the event of an emergency through planning and training matters to staff. It’s not just about the workplace, the actions of trained people, can help save lives wherever they are.

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