Door safety for babies and young children. Save little fingers and stop children from becoming trapped in rooms

Door safety for babies and small children

Door safety for babies and small children. In this article we discover some of the products and ideas to help protect little fingers and children from becoming trapped in rooms.

We’re guessing that most people have endured the pain of a door drama at some point in their lives. Painful fingers, bruised fingers, broken fingers and then there’s finding yourself trapped in a room because the door handle has broken!

All those things happen to babies and children and it might not just be their little fingers that suffer. Other body parts get trapped. If a door slams shut they may not be able to get out of a room as they might not be physically strong enough or tall enough to open it. Some rooms you may not want a small child to enter.

At Rosecroft Health & Safety we’ve really got into TikTok to create videos that demonstrate some products out there and ideas that can help with door safety.


These are products we’ve found to help with door safety. The links in this post are affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase Rosecroft Health and Safety will earn a small commission. All products included in this post are tried and tested by us. They are not included because of the commission received. Many of these products can be found at other online and high street stores. Remember to also checkout hacks on the internet. An example is using a swimming noodle to make the Finger Pinch Guards included here.

Finger Pinch Guards

Finger Pinch Guards save children’s fingers from getting caught in closing doors. These also stop children getting trapped inside rooms. The foam guard provides a barrier between the door and the door frame, stopping the door closing properly.


Door safety and young children video 1 – finger pinch guards #doorsafety #children #doors safety. Instagram link in bio

♬ Aesthetic – Xilo

We used these plain white finger pinch guards in our video. There are also cute animal ones

A hack is to make these out of swimming noodles. We bought this one and made 30!

Lever locks

These stop children opening lever handle doors and prevent them entering and exiting rooms. These stick in place behind the door handle. Push the top and bottom buttons down to move the arms over the door handle to prevent the handle moving up and down. Push down and move to the side to allow the handle to move normally. Lever lock link.


Door safety and young children video 2 – lever locks #doorsafety #children #safety #toddlers #childproof doors. Instagram link in bio

♬ How to Save a Life – The Fray

Hinge Guards

Hinge Guards cover the gap between the door and the door frame. They stop little fingers and other body parts getting trapped between the hinged side of the door and the door frame. These are very easy to fit, like most of these products they are self adhesive. Use one each side of the door. The height can be extended by adding another above the lower one. We’ve demonstrated this in the video below. Hinge Guard link.


Door safety and young children video 3 – hinge guards #doorsafety #doors #childproof #doorsafety #children #hingeguards safety. Instagram link in bio

♬ drivers license – Olivia Rodrigo

Finger Pinch Hinge Guards

Finger Pinch Hinge Guards protect little fingers and stop children getting trapped in rooms. They prevent the doors from closing by fitting over the door hinges, wedging them open. Many come with little self adhesive holders to pop them in. This is so you always know their whereabouts and have them to hand! Finger Pinch Hinge Guard link.


Door safety and young children video 4 – finger pinch hinge guards. #doorsafety #children #doors #safety #childproof Instagram link in bio

♬ telepatía – Kali Uchis


The humble doorstop. Nothing new about these, they’ve been around for centuries! These firmly wedge doors open so they don’t slam on little fingers or trap little people inside rooms. If you don’t have these at home already we’re sure you can find lots of hacks on the internet. The ones in the video we like as they’re rubber and they come with a little holder. This stops people tripping over them and them hiding from you (yep we’re sure they grow legs to run and hide when they’re not in use). Doorstop link.

Doorknob covers

Doorknob covers prevent children from gripping and twisting doorknobs to access rooms or escape from them. This significantly reduces the chances of door accidents. The cover clips over the doorknob and free-spins. There’s even a little door to access locks found in the centre of doorknobs. Doorknob cover link.


Door safety and young children video 6 – doorknob covers. #doorsafety #children #childproof #doors safety. Instagram link in bio

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