The twelve myths of Christmas the Heath and Safety Executive (HSE) told me……

At Rosecroft Health and Safety we are loving the HSE’s Twelve Myths of Christmas webpage. The page lists myths as:

So if someone presents any of the above to you, you have it on good authority that they really are myths and not Health and Safety gone mad.

The twelve myths of Christmas the HSE told me....
The twelve myths of Christmas the HSE told me….

And here’s one story that isn’t a myth…

HSE’s case 388 is one about Colchester Borough Council bans. In 2016 they banned refuse collection workers from wearing Christmas hats, or in fact, anything Christmassy on the grounds of health and safety. The council said they banned these on the grounds that drivers and other road users could be distracted.

The HSE Panel’s opinion on this one was:

“There is no health and safety legislation that prevents refuse collectors wearing Santa hats or entering the festive spirit with other modest decorations. Excessive displays which might impede the driver’s vision or cause a distraction are another matter, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Being sensible about health and safety can still allow everyone to have some fun too!”

All at Rosecroft Health and Safety wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, sociable 2021!

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