Are your employees food allergen aware?

Are your employees food allergen aware?

Food allergies can have life changing consequences as well as being fatal. No food business should be getting it wrong and few food businesses can survive getting it wrong.

Food allergies affect up to 6% to 8% of children and 2% to 3% of adults. The incidences of them has increased significantly over the past 20 years (Food Allergy: What’s on the Menu in 2018)

Businesses in the UK must follow the allergen information rules set in EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU FIC). This means that they must provide allergen information to the consumer for both pre-packed and non-prepacked food or drink as well as handle and manage food allergens adequately

Businesses also need to make sure that their staff are trained about allergens. Are you doing this? Fitting in training is not always easy which is why an online may suit you best.

Are you and your employees food allergen aware?

Online Allergen Awarness Course

Our online Allergen Awareness Course is approved by RoSPA & CPD – It takes approx. 100 minutes (not include thinking time for the questions at the end of each section). A 70% pass rate for each module is required to gain the course certificate. Candidates have three attempts to achieve the pass mark and can rewatch the content as many times they need.

The course covers general allergies, food allergies and food intolerances and explains the differences between them. Learn about the 14 allergens controlled by legislation along with food additives and how they can trigger allergic reactions. It takes a detailed look at the symptoms of food allergies and takes in the wider picture discussing the current theories of why rates are increasing. The course finishes off by covering practical steps to reduce the risk from allergens and also what steps can be taken both internally and externally to monitor the control measures.

Food allergies can have life changing consequences as well as being fatal

Other food safety courses

All our food safety courses are available online and approved by either CPD, RoSPA or both. Prices start at £15 (not including VAT). There is a free trial button for all where you can access the first module of each

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